About Us

About us

«  Our company, which is specialized in offering ready meal solutions, was founded in 1976.
More than 40 years later, we are one of the main European suppliers in this sector.  »

We obtained this position thanks to our clients that express their confidence day after day.
These same clients, however, are more and more demanding, and they are right to do so !

Therefore, we changed the name of the company and we started in a transformation of our company to place “the customer” at the centre of all our daily actions.

The idea ? Better translate, everywhere in Europe, which is the heart of our expertise :
Cook : cooking, make recipes more and more sophisticated for our customers,
Up : create them, innovate constantly, in a spirit of high reactivity,
Solutions : meat needs and provide value added,

We created Qualipledge®, a platform dedicated to the quality that brings together all of our expertise, techniques, process and high requirement standards.
Its vocation ? Give each customer the tangible guarantee that we indeed give the best products and of ourselves !

Discover here “CookUp Solutions”, our company who bets on amazing you !

Erick Lehagre

Our expertise

CookUp Solutions develops frozen ready meals for retail and food service, under private label or as co-packer, with passion, flexibility and dedication.

CookUp Solutions in Capellen (Luxemburg) is a key player on the private label lasagne market and is a leading manufacturer of frozen ready meals in Europe.

Cookup Solutions in La Rochelle is a key player on the market for quiches, tarts, and pancakes.

Our Quality policy

Our Quality and R&D teams consists of 22 people divided over the 2 production sites.

Thanks to our expertise in nutrition and sourcing of raw materials, CookUp Solutions is developing healthy and premium quality recipes.

The culinary know-how of our chefs, are creating unique recipes which are in line with international market trends.

CookUp Solutions is strongly committed to develop and process healthy products whereby respect of the environment and sustainability are important parameters. Our recipes are GMO-free and don’t contain artificial additives. We constantly strive to create a final product that is as natural as possible.