Filled Pancakes and Crêpes

Half-moon pancakes
   with ham and cheese
Half-moon pancakes
   with mushrooms
Half-moon pancakes
   with cheese
Scallop pancake
Ham & cheese pancake

Products “Home made” style

The batter


The ingredients used are selected for their quality, such as flour and fresh eggs.

Once mixed and blended, the batter has to rest for approximately one hour.

It is then dosed on an induction oven belt which uses the same technology as in modern kitchens, avoiding direct contact between the batter and the direct flame.

Whether made using buckwheat or regular flour, our batters marble naturally and remain tender until cooked up by the consumer.

Béchamel sauce

sauceTo guarantee food safety and quality guidelines, the bechamel and other sauces are produced in specific cookers during the production process., cooled down and portioned on the pancakes or crêpes. Each batch of béchamel sauce is tasted before dosing to ensure consistency during the processes.



Raw materials are used in their most natural state to provide ultimate freshness. To stimulate traditional cooking cheeses, ham, mushrooms are grated / diced / sliced in house before being mixed with the other components.

Controlled portioning techniques

The various portioning and filling technologies allow us to offer several formats and folding options for the pancakes :


Envelope Double folded

Half moon

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