Other Ready Meals

Chicory gratin
   with ham
Salmon filet,
   vegetables and sorrel sauce

Controlled dosing of ingredients

Various dosing technologies enable the easy assembling (layers, left-right, compartments) of fillings ( purees, rice, steamed vegetables, meat etc.) while preserving the shape of the individual components.

The manual addition of vegetables, cheeses or protein remains possible on each line to achieve hand made appearance.

Varied selection of flavours and textures

Cookup Solutions perfectly controls the processing technologies in order to offer a wide range of products :

  • Hot cooked sauces to preserve flavour and texture, whether they are smooth or containing vegetables.
  • Meals containing minced meat are cooked in such a way to preserve a good bite and to guarantee tenderness.

Recipes are developed according to :

  • Specific research of natural raw materials selected for their freshness, organoleptic and nutritional qualities.
  • The culinary expertise of our R&D team monitors trends around the world.
  • Internal and external consumer panels to approve their positioning.

A wide variety of formats

Cookup Solutions’ industrial know-how offers controlled assembly of ingredients in cardboard, aluminium or plastic (CPET, OPP) trays, whether rectangular, oval, round, square, multi compartments, bowl, etc.

A wide selection of formats is available, for individual (300 - 400g), two persons (500 - 600g) and family / food service / catering portions (800gr up to 3kg).

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