Other specialities

Savoury cake
   with courgette and goat cheese
Fine pastry tart
   with chargrilled vegetables
Fine pastry tart
   with chicken & vegetables
pizza with peppers
   Ham, cheese and mushroom
Savoury cake
   with Roquefort cheese and walnuts
Traditional French Flan :
   "Custard tart"

A wide variety of recipes

Our production lines are multi flexible to manufacture an divers range of products.

A range of family size and individual savoury terrines are developed by using fresh vegetables and proteins.

We have developed a special bread dough by using a natural and slow rising technique. Thanks to this process we can offer various type of foccacia snacks.

Our expertise to produce filled pancakes and tarts enables us to produce various other snacks.

Our multi flexible pancake line offers wide possibilities for filled and topped pancakes.

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