Pasta based ready meals

   with chargrilled vegetables
   with Bolognese sauce
   with cheese sauce
Chicken macaroni gratin
   with mushrooms

Full integration of pasta processing for lasagne and cannelloni

The durum wheat flour and eggs used in our products are noble, carefully selected ingredients.
A traditional and perfectly standardised process has been put in place for kneading, laminating, calibrating, cooking and cooling.
A cooling technology applicable for all types of dry pasta (even filled) guarantees that the degree to which the pasta is cooked is consistent and can be reproduced on all batches.

All these steps ensure a laminated fresh pasta with an « Al Dente » texture.

Hot cooked sauces

With the carefully selected natural and noble ingredients a wide variety of flavours and recipes is developed.

Meat based recipes
beef, poultry, pork, processed meat ...

Seafood and fish based recipes
scallops, cod, salmon, prawns ...

Vegetable based recipes
Mediterranean, Nordic, Asian, ethnic ...

Cheese based recipes
Goat Cheese, Ricotta, Parmesan, Gorgonzola, Emmental ...

Our cooking and preparation technologies preserve whole grains of meat and vegetable pieces.
All our production lines are designed for hot assembly to guarantee food safety and meet stringent quality guidelines.

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