IQF Ready Meals

Penne and roasted chicken
   with spring greens
     and sundried tomatoes
   with prawns, vegetables
     and shellfish sauce
   with scallops and vegetables,
     lobster sauce
   with prawns, summer vegetables
     and pesto sauce
Roasted chicken
   with rice and chargrilled vegetables
     in an Indian sauce

Coating technology

IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) products are developed with systematic integration of a coating technology for one or more meal components (vegetables, meat or carbohydrates) and an in house prepared sauce. This know-how guarantees meals that can be easily portioned with a homogeneous distribution of all components at all times.

Two types of coatings are available, depending on the product :

  • A smooth sauce that perfectly coats all individual components. The final product is smooth and creamy.
  • A spicy spray to support the product’s flavour. The product has less coating and underlines the presence of ingredients with naturally strong flavours.


Similar to ready meals in trays, IQF recipes are developed according to the solid culinary expertise of our R&D team, using specific ingredients and flavours to meet our customers demands.
Use of noble raw materials :

Various proteins :
meat, poultry and fish

Vegetables :
colourful, whole or non-geometric natural cuts

All types of pasta :
simple or filled, traditional or special shapes

Other carbohydrates :
simple or special rice, bulgur, quinoa, semolina, potatoes etc.

A wide variety of formats

The bags, made of laminated foil, are pre-printed or blank (transparent or coloured) with online printing possibilities. Bag content can vary from individual to multi portion formats.

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