Quiches and Tarts

   with goat cheese and vegetables
   with spinach and pine kernels
Single portion tart
   with goat cheese and vegetables
Single portion tart
   with Comté cheese and leek

Short Crust, Brioche, Puff Pastry...

Whatever the type of pastry that is preferred, it will be produced in our factory. The pastry is produced batch wise (avoiding drying out of dough), before being laminated and used to fill baking trays.

Upon customer specifications, we have developed a range of palm free and microwavable pastries which retain the characteristics of traditional French pastry.


Fillings selected and cooked for premium quality

CookUp Solutions aims to source regional raw materials.
The main part of the cheeses is grated by ourselves, the ham is cut in the requested size, the mushrooms can be sliced and cooked in the factory.

The sauce filling is made in specifically designed cookers to provide the organoleptic characteristics developed by the R&D teams. Ingredients, quantities and temperatures are monitored and recorded at all times to meet the agreed specs.


Product consistency and safety

The weight and visual appearance of the tarts are monitored by the line operators before cooking. The tarts are then cooked in a fan assisted oven, in which we control separately the cooking processes of the pastry (for a crunchy result) and the topping (for golden browning).
Prior to packing, operators make a final inspection. The visual aspect, the compliance of the packaging and the correct registration of traceability information are the main criteria, continuously inspected and recorded for each batch.

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