Engagement 1

Careful Selection

« It is our responsibility
   to work closely with our suppliers
     to stay in control of our supplies »

Jean-Luc Dumont, R&D manager

Commitment to an accurate identification of the origins and supply chains

Beyond the officially defined origins, CookUp Solutions is committed to precisely identify and validate each of its supply chains.

CookUp Solutions is committed to identify precisely the origins and transformation/storage locations of all raw materiels

CookUp Solutions is committed to a systematic identification of the exact origins of the raw materials

Selection of suppliers

All suppliers of CookUp Solutions are carefully selected in order to guarantee product quality and safety. Audits are implemented to eliminate risks with sensitive ingredients.

It’s a target to know all relevant details about our raw material suppliers

Establishing reliable relations with our suppliers by piloting them during evaluations and making an annual audit planning

Intensified vigilance to meat supplies

The meat supplies are subject to a rigurous and specific procedure for this sensitive raw material.

Many controls are put in place to ensure the quality and origin of the meat used in our recipes.

Implementing a DNA analyses policy for each type of meat we use

Auditing suppliers in accordance with a pre-defined audit plan

Intake of raw materials

The raw materials are checked upon arrival. Beyond all standard analyses CookUp Solutions has established specific procedures for each ingredient to guarantee organoleptic compliance.

Realizing an organoleptic control plan upon receipt of every raw material